Emblematic, recognisable, exemplary - what does iconic mean to you?

Salvatore Ferragamo is proud to reveal the second digital campaign dedicated to our icon: the Gancini. Creative Director Paul Andrew has created a comprehensive offer of shoes, clothes and accessories, for men and women, featuring the Gancini monogram.

Gancini Judy Heels
HKD 5,800

Gancini Moccasin
HKD 6,300

Gancini BOXYZ
HKD 18,900

Gancini Jacket
HKD 18,900

Gancini Dress
HKD 13,950

Gancini Top
HKD 10,500

Gancini Belt
HKD 4,300

Gancini Tote
HKD 10,950

To mark the release of the collection Salvatore Ferragamo once again recruited Bryanboy to create a digital campaign. This season, he cast seven friends as explored the notion of iconic. Wearing new expressions of our icon, the Gancini, and sharing their thoughts on what iconic means to them are: Linda Tol, Tamu McPherson, Xenia Adonts, Carlo Sestini, Chris Burt-Allan, Tina Leung and Yoyo Cao. The campaign was shot in Milan.

Paul Andrew said: “The Gancini is a beautiful symbol with an authentic connection to Ferragamo - it is based on a piece of metalwork on the gates of the company’s Palazzo in Florence. The Gancini is iconic to us, a symbol that articulates and connects the values of Salvatore Ferragamo.”

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