ISAIA’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is inspired by the world famous “Cucina Napoletana” or Neapolitan Cuisine and its quintessential dishes that have lent to its international popularity over the centuries. At the heart and soul of Italian culture lies a culinary feast unlike any other–providing pleasure in every bite. ISAIA’s FW 2014 collection incorporates a colorful palate for the taste buds. Whether it is the warm ochre seen in the famous “Frittata Friarielli”or the deep red of the tomatoes found in “Pezzogna all’Acqua Pazza”, the seasonal colorspresent a myriad of options to fit anyone’s appetite. Building on the success of one of the most popular visual dishes of last season, ISAIA has re-colored its signature “Coralflage”melton in the deep, rich hues seen throughout the collection.