Our guide to fall’s best looks

The season starts with subtle undertones of Art Deco inspiration brought to life using color, pattern, & silhouette pulled from the distinct style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France. The palette is reflective of this inspiration across both men’s and women’s collections, highlighting tones of ginger, Himalayan sea salt pink, rose quartz, bight pastels, and rich neutrals of lacquer, navy, charcoal and black. In contrast, pure whites and perfect ivories evoke a warm and welcoming sensibility.

Always designed with the customer in mind, Steven Cateron, Head of Design, balances the collection to reflect how real people live and wear fashion, introducing thoughtfully curated versions of denim, technical down puffers, and more all in sleek proportions. Silhouettes from both the men’s and women’s collections are relaxed and there is a tension that exists between the refined and technical. Luxurious sweaters are layered under technical down coats, paired back to perfectly tailored trousers. Cateron presents a decidedly pointed view, focusing on foundational wardrobe pieces and key items that the brand loves and believes in - “the trench,” “the blouse,” “the dress,” etc. Function continues to be important and is supported through the design of each piece, while rich and thoughtful injections of color continue present themselves in a distinctly Club Monaco way.