Club Monaco comes to life this fall with a print and—for the first time—video campaign shot by Hans Neumann in New York City. Titled “No Ordinary Life,” the campaign gives a glimpse into the real people and moments that inspire our brand, highlighting the beauty of the everyday.

The campaign’s cast of 10 real people was not only hand-selected by the Club Monaco team but also worked with Steven Cateron to style their own looks for the shoot, highlighting one of our most important values—that Club Monaco is never designed for any one woman or man—and bringing the brand to life in a truly personal way. The cast includes:

Peter Ash Lee has become a Club Monaco fixture. A regular photographer of ours, he not only brings life and beauty to everything he shoots but also has a remarkably kind and open soul. He introduced us to his wife, Kayla Wilson, with whom we were equally charmed. Both Canadian, they have a purity about them that’s hard to come by in adults.

Silke Lindner-Sutti embodies a unique balance of hard and soft. A gallery director with an admirable eye for art, she has a quiet mystery about her that always leaves you wanting to know more. Elise Peterson is quite simply a force. Comfortable in her own skin in a way that almost feels disarming, her warmth and confidence serve her well as both a web series and podcast host.

Kevin Jéan’s genuine human goodness is only matched by his natural elegance. He moves through the world with an effortless grace both at work as a talented product designer and at home as a loving husband and father.

Jane Larkworthy lights up every room she walks into. A legendary beauty editor, she’s everything but austere and unapproachable with a stand-up-worthy sense of humor and a smile that’s impossible not to catch. Felipe Merida is an intensely creative illustrator with an inventive and purposeful sense of style. His passion for creative expression along with his singularly sweet nature are equally inspiring.

Ruth Lande Shuman is one of the most engaging, expressive conversationalists we know. Founder of the non-profit Publicolor, she is a lover of people and connection—and that comes through in every word she speaks. Kathleen Alcott is a talented novelist and professor whose work and person have been an inspiration to Club Monaco for over two years. She has a beautiful wildness to her that can feel both vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

Brett Bell has a quiet, offbeat charm that only becomes more endearing the longer you know him. An artist by trade, he is refreshingly never anyone other than himself.